About Aramb

The Location

When it is a resort, the thing that matters to a lot of people is the location of the resort. The uniqueness of Aramb is also its location that focuses more on staying close to nature. We are situated in the foothills of Chembra Peak, a breathtaking viewpoint situated in the district Wayanad of Kerala which is also a part of the Western Ghats.  

The focus and the specialty of Aramb is the peace of mind it wants to assure its visitors. The architecture we have followed in Aramb is such that we want you to experience luxury from a different perspective, a perspective that is close to the nature that accommodates us. The 10 rooms we have here have all the facilities including private and common pools according to your choice of the suite.

Preservation of nature is of utmost importance to us and thus our architecture pattern has this blended approach. By visiting Aramb, you are not just entering a luxurious resort, but also you are getting to feel how it is to coexist. The plants, trees, the birds, and several other life forms you see here can really enrich your soul.

We function keeping in mind our responsibility to nature and making our visitors understand the importance of biodiversity and co-existence is also our intent.

The Unexplored Terrain

Sholas are forests that got evolved to be the habitat of several endemic species over the course of hundreds and thousands of years. The location of Aramb is part of one such Shola. The operations at Aramb are always done keeping in mind the relevance of the Sholas. The water holding capacity, density, porosity, etc of the Sholas are superior when compared to other vegetations.

To keep the experience more real for you, we have only utilized less than five percent of our property for construction of the resort. The rest of the vast space that is there for you to explore has nearly 81 species of insects.

The Culture

The architecture we have followed replicates the essence of the Kerala style. The food we serve for our visitors follows the traditional Malabar cuisine.  Calicut, the nearby district of Wayanad was the epicenter of a lot of cultural exchanges and thus the Malabar cuisine is a delicious mix of traditional and western food culture.

Wayanad was specifically known for its contribution of spices to the menu of Malabar. At Aramb, we try to make sure that you also get to experience this classic evolution through the food we serve and also the architectural peculiarities.

The idea behind Aramb actually originated when I thought reinventing the word luxury. People tend to go to luxury resorts to forget their stress with the aid of artificial comfort and it was proven that such happiness had only the life span of a bubble. At a time when stress is making everyone compromise their happiness, finding yourself is actually a luxury, and everything we have done here was based on that realization.

Padmakumar PV
Founder,  Aramb Boutique Resort